The Golden Age of E-cigarettes

The Golden Age of E-cigarettes

E-cigarettes and their health benefits

More than half of the world population is affected by the dangers of smoking be it either active or passive. One of the major effects of smoking is cancer, vascular stenosis and heart attacks. Smoking during pregnancy also causes ADHD in babies and various other health effects. However, a safer alternative to smoking that is a recent convention in this century is vaping or smoking electronic cigarettes. These are battery operated devices which create an aerosol by heating a liquid inside also known as e-juice. The inhaler inhales this aerosol which gives him/her an experience similar to smoking. The main benefits of Healthy e-Cig are as follows:-

  • Helps to quit smoking: Chain smokers will find it hard to get rid of their smoking habits. They might get depressed and withdrawn. Some might even need therapy. Electronic cigarettes or vapes are a much safer alternative to smoking and is similar to that experience. Chain smokers can turn to this wonder device to curb their addiction and in the process also be risk-free from adverse health effects like cancer and heart disease.
  • It is tobacco free: It is a well-known universal fact that tobacco causes cancer. You cannot run from it if you already are addicted. Smokers should know for a fact that what they are smoking is death. However, vaping is tobacco free. It mainly works with vapor, e-juices, herbs or nicotine.
  • Has no adverse effect: Smoking tobacco comes with a price. It has certain risk factor involved which leads only to one destination, death. However, it is clinically proven that vaping does not have serious side effects unlike tobacco. It is risk free yet provides you with a pleasant smoking experience.
  • Comes in various flavors: Cigarettes do come in certain flavors. But vapes come in uncountable flavors. Any flavor you ask for, this Healthy eCig has it starting from fruity flavours, cand flavours to even ice cream flavors. A good flavor is a joy in itself. Enjoying it in your risk free vape addiction is all the more better.

Vaping has taken over most youngsters and smokers these days. They are a bomb in the market. Even smokers are turning to vaping because of its risk free experience. As per the user’s preference, some of them are even nicotine free as nicotine is also partially harmful to the body.


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